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I saw a girl


I saw a girl

It was the late afternoon, when it started to rain
Tears were sliding from her green eyes
From a parking place – low eyelids
they slowly rode across a plain of pale skin
Finnaly jumping on a cobblestone ground

(There´s no solitude of crying
Although we often bear umbrellas
Against the misfortune of weather
We always get wet and sad
Even our feets can weep)

Drops change in streams and rivers
Proceeding waterfalls of waste channels
to get rid of the salt by purifiers…

Time flows

I´ve met you again.
You were waiting for a tram
The air was still damp

Raindrops furiously tapping on your coat
Engraving letters of Morse code
Suddenly sunbeams ruptured the sky
Your brown hair glittered in their shine

and you smiled

There´s no sunshine without tears