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The Dark Side of French Kiss

I long for damp and deep everlasting kiss
But not only made from lips.
I seek for a French kiss

I imagine this every morning
With an erection – male flag
wrapped in gray pyjamas

You stay before me naked as Eve
Just wearing panties
made from your blushes


Don´t close the eyes. Don´t touch the curtains
Just watch the porn movie reflected in my pupils

Neighbours can feel your anxiety
Walls will talk:
No virgin blood flooded the floor
So why are trembling you little whore?

Mouth unlocked
Pushed tongue broke passive resistence of lips

I am touching your teeth 
Greeting with an alien language
I hitted the throat
of a shaking voice

But I slid down through the tobogan of gullet
Greedily licking sides of your stomach

I wanna feel all your organs, kiss and lick
lefting slime of white salivas in your meat

I touched the liver, while tickling the midriff
Leaped with you to the lough of orgasm
Spasms of passion
Infinite ridiculity of contractions

I am Serpant who seduced your Grandma in paradise 
Let me be the worm in a juicy apple of your belly

I fell down, white boiling and waiting 
I rode ascross your guts to the colon filled with all shit
Hidden beneath the makeup of your skin

I love you. I desire to love you whole 
But mostly your sweet asshole
It´s over. I´ve come you through

Did I rape you?
No, you fucked up my brain!


Forgive me my cruelty
There´s no tenderness
in lovemaking